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About FACE

Photo: Brian Howell

Face it—FACE is here to stay, to grow and to produce. We came up with the name FACE by playing with acronyms for our focus areas: food sovereignty, arts, culture and education. Each of those themes appears in this premier issue of FACE.

As FACE spreads across the continent and world, we will feature the diversity of Aboriginal people. Our languages are so different. Our cultures are so different. Our spirituality is so different. Yet many people lump Aboriginal people into one, believing we are all the same. Let’s show the world our diversity. Let’s share our wisdom, our cultural sophistication, our creativity and our resiliency.

I am impressed with the Aboriginal communications network across Canada, up north and down south. The response to our call for writers was amazing. We will do what we can to solidify this broad network, and to provide you with material you want.

We want to be in your face, like the review of Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry (page 38). Remember that ancient saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? Criticism is good. Honesty is good. Fearlessness is good. Feedback is good. FACE wants to hear from you.

Seasoned Aboriginal writers and artists created most of the text and images in this issue, but we want to feature new and emerging Aboriginal writers and artists, too. So, don’t be shy—send us your work for consideration.

One of the greatest traits of Aboriginals is laughter. We love to laugh. Make us laugh. Send us your funny stories and poems, whether they are fictional or true. Please do not send us any dirty jokes. On second thought, go ahead and send us your dirty jokes, but we will not print them.

I will leave you with one final thought. The publishing industry can be stressful. Working with deadlines can be stressful. Starting a new business can be stressful. Stress can make one’s hair fall out, especially in my case. But, in this exciting endeavour, I am gaining face.

—Randy Fred, Publisher of FACE